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750 AED only

Injections of platelets and plasma

If your face is loosening, your skin is beginning to age and your wrinkles are multiplying, then the platelet and plasma technique is the treatment that you need! It provides very good results. Your skin will be firmer and brighter. Regain your youth in just a few weeks!
A small blood sample (4-8 ml) is taken from the arm. The blood collected in the tubes is then centrifuged to obtain the concentrated plasma and platelets.

The purified liquid concentrate is then injected after a few minutes, using small syringes and needles, into the areas we want to revitalize.

The best results are seen 30 days after the 1st injection, during which time the formation of new collagen and repair of the tissue take place gradually.

This treatment gives you real instant radiance. Your skin is left feeling smooth and silky after this treatment.

The treatment involves 3 sessions One month apart.

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